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Every Story

Digital story telling

5 workshops trained around 50 children and young adults in Berlin. 

The workshop gave the students a basic understanding of digital narrative, storytelling, and the importance of inclusion.

Run by  Bluedar, with the cooperation of ReDI School of Digital Integration in Berlin, and the support of Creative Europe.


My World

Global Education

The project consists of workshops that focus on global education through conceptual art practice, targeting children in Saraqep in the north of Syria and the children of Tokyo- Japan.

The workshops enhance the basic understanding of our planet earth, peacebuilding, conflict resolving, and communication through interactive games.

Additionally, each child creates his/her imaginary world by transferring a ball into an art piece.

Produced by Kineko international children film festival in Tokyo, with the partnership of Bluedar - Berlin, And the cooperation of Al Caravan Syria. 2017

My world.jpg

The Memory Box

Psychosocial Support

15 days of animation workshop, trained about 40 children and young adults who were forced by the war to leave their homes and refuge to Syria. This workshop united those children in their dark memories of war and destruction, and yet it builds up hopes for the return to their homelands.


The workshop produced:

1. Short animation movie, contained stories of the children of a distinct age group. Each child has chosen a story from his \ her own memory box, wrote it, recorded the sound of the animation, draw the characters, and turned it into animation bringing it once again to life

2. A comic book that contains stories and drawings made by the children.

3. A documentary that showcased the whole project, in which the children talked about themselves. The film shows scenes of the children and their surroundings at school, at home, and in Seiyda Zainab near Damascus where most of their families settled.



★ The Memory Box - Animation short film, gained a Special Jury award: at the 7th Kazan International Film Festival for Muslim’s cinema, Russia 2011.

Organized by HELP e.V, created and undertaken by Bluedar- Syria, and financed by the German Foreign office 2011.

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