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Bleudar is a digital art production company based in Damascus-Syrian since 2010, in Beirut-Lebanon since 2012, and in Berlin-Germany since 2016.


Since we were established in 2010 we have maintained our commitment to creating innovative educational animation and multimedia productions, targeting children and young adults in the MENA region and aiming to make education more creative and fun for them!

In 2016 we started to expand our areas of interest towards more intercultural projects and various digital art forms. 

We do

Animation production

Our area of expertise covers different kinds of animation such as 2D, 3D, cutout, and infographics. 

Being a full-service production company, Bluedar provides everything from the idea to the final product or any part of it, including concept development, educational methodology, preproduction, production, and post-production. 



Multimedia production 

Since we believe in the great impact of new media in education and art, Bluedar, with its international network of artists and digital experts, provides a wide range of multimedia products such as augmented reality, virtual reality, smartphone Apps, social media art production, and games.

We are passionate about implementing technology with new educational methods and for various art forms.



Creative Workshops 

We have trained children and young adults, using art, animation, and multimedia as a creative way of approaching topics of global education and psychosocial support.

Moreover, we have been eager to share our knowledge by facilitating workshops for professionals, covering animation production and edutainment art projects.


Bluedar UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Represented by, Allein vertretungsberechtigt: Sulafa Hejazi

Registration number, Handelsrejister – Nr: HRB 178426 B

Tax number: 30/232/50138

Vat number: DE308382414

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